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Curators Voice Art Projects
Dr. Milagros Bello
Director & Chief Curator
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Curators Voice        
Valentina Bilbao
Time passes and passes, the places, the people, the moments and in each and every one of my years, a brush, a spatula, a pencil…
Time passes and passes, and in my paintings I look to stop it, trap it with its energy, trap what we see: the music, the sounds, the emotions, and transform them into flashing lights, colors that are eternal to me…
Eternal as the sentiments in which they nest, in which they shape and in which they become lost to be part of eternity…of that which never dies…
Time passes and passes and I stop occasionally to catch it in a verse, in my poems, in my work, I take it without it realizing it, I bring it, I catch it ...
Time passes and passes and becomes my most loyal and valued friend that brings daylight to my eyes, it is the joy of being alive ...
Time passes and passes and I sink into its fantasy or maybe in its reality ...
That which we do not see, that in my world shines brightly ...
and each day comes with its colors…charged with energy and magic
it is the green of the trees… the infinite blue of the sky and sea… the yellow that melts into the air, spraying everything it touches, what power, without end… sublime and grandiose…is the ability to appreciate all we have in this beautiful painting we call world
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