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Susy Iglicki was born in Vienna, Austria. She immigrated to Venezuela in 1939 at a very young age, her family fleeing the Nazi invasion of Austria. Iglicki began her childhood education in Caracas, and at age 18 traveled to Chicago to take courses at Northwestern University.

Iglicki received her formal art education at the INCIBA Center for Graphics at the Cristobal Rojas School of Plastic Arts, and also attended workshops by Luisa Palacios and Ina Bainvoa, all in Caracas. In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s she dedicated herself to graphic design and created a series of silkscreens that were shown in museums and galleries in various countries in Latin America and Israel, with her first exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas under the direction of Miguel Arroyo.  She received an international prize for engraving at the Third Biennial of Graphic Arts at La Tertulia Museum in Cali, Colombia. She immersed herself in painting but her work was interrupted for several years after three devastating losses of immediate family members. In 1997, Iglicki began to re-establish herself as an artist by studying the latest techniques through various workshops. From 1997 to 2001, she studied contemporary art with Samy Cucher, and Ricardo Benaim, and attended a four-year workshop with Antonio Lazo at the Sofia Imber Museum of Contemporary Art.

In the 1990’s, Iglicki also started a series of iron sculptures that led her to her more recent work – collage, works on paper, and finally digital photography presented on light boxes. All this has led her to create her most recent works.

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