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Curators Voice
Curators Voice Art Projects
Dr. Milagros Bello
Director & Chief Curator
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Curators Voice      

A multifaceted man.

Architect graduated from the Pontificia Javeriana University of Bogotá.North American and Colombian citizen, currently based in Miami.

With a grand vision in his projects, constructor, world-renowned composer, inventor, visionary, businessman, lover of psychology, of an altruistic spirit, studious in the fine arts and sculptor, with extensive leadership qualities, with a clear and mathematical mind.

My passion for art is something I that have had inside me since I was very young. I have always admired the world around me and never fail to be surprised at the tiny details of daily life, in a world where a slightly closer look at things makes them suddenly unknown and mysterious, and make me wonder “Who am I?”… “·Why did I come into this world”…. “What should I be doing?”. … These are questions that make a sort of search engine of self-knowledge, a track to the heart of some inner world where everything makes sense and life becomes an adventure of discovery, in which the words of Socrates carved in the temple of Delphi all those years ago resound with coherence and urgency today – “know thyself and thou shall know the universe”.

The plastic language of my sculptures in stainless steel seeks to perpetuate the essential lines of an architecture that comes from a higher world, a creator, a true and unique Artist, the great Architect of all that exists. So I do not want to be called an artist so much as always to be an apprentice, trying to interpret and transmit something of the beauty of this world. There is nothing to be invented, nothing to be created: this is just discovery, and then conversion into a personal form off expression.

I want my short passage through this life to be paved by my Works, a call of love and respect for the world around us.


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