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Born and raised in Thailand, Chok moved to Florida in 2006 to pursue his educational goal. He is currently pursuing his master degree of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Art at The Miami University of Art & Design. He loved photography and creating fine art photographs as a hobby while working in the computer world as a Graphic Designer, Web User Interface Designer and Developer.

His preferred styles are landscape and creative photography, and Chok believes that to really take a great photograph, you need to get to know the place and subjects you are capturing. How you feel about the subject is most important, making the shoot in itself a truly unique and personal experience, not only for the subject, but also for the photographer.

Chok became fascinated with photography throughout his main career, with the original intention of going into contemporary fine art photography. He uses the cameras to capture time and feelings drawing from his own internal experience of the places he photographs. He has knowledge of portrait, landscape and abstract photography and recently his works are being transformed to use a photograph as a metaphor. He adds a feeling and meaning to the image and evokes the emotion to the viewer. His works today are more about isolation and escaping the tough times in life and finding the pleasant, happy, safe and peaceful place in ones imagination. He transforms the place and the scene he captures, into the world he want to see in his way surrounded by peace and calm that is almost hard to find today because everywhere we go we see people are involved with all kind of activities. Chok likes to take pictures of places and objects that people do not notice to evoke an experience to the viewer to connect to the world in a different way. He gives you the freedom to use your own imagination and emotional being to feel the peace in the black and white image, which he believes is much more relaxing than a color photograph.

His work is minimalist and surreal, especially if the images have meaning or are a metaphor of some sorts. His works are isolation. Photography is a passion for Chok and gives him an outlet to create what he sees and feels and to pass on that serenity to us the viewers.


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