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Dr. Milagros Bello
Director & Chief Curator
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CAROLINA ROJAS’ bronzes create a world of extreme pathos and intense emotions.  Her bronzes, The Human Series mounted on wood are a reflection on the human condition in its deepest turmoil and disarray. They only show their faces and their hands in great emotions and intense feelings exposing the deepest inner states of the soul, as if possessed by tremendous and acute circumstances. They are seen in disquiet angst and in an odd repose, as if in a mortal lethargy.  The artist reveals here the radical edges of life. In the Aqua and Seeds Series, Rojas proposes another tenet connected to the ethos of life. The sculptural heads express calmness and serenity. Their subtle expressions articulate an inner life-force of a delicate character. They interrelate and connect to a peaceful and an undisturbed reign. The sculptures are either casted out in bronze with turquoise patinas or made out in transparent resins. Rojas profits here of the power of light that trespasses through the crystalized material. The artist proposes photographs introducing the image of Seed Series into an ecological environment surrounded by the Ocean and exuberant nature. Rojas reveals in her works the two poles of the soul: ethos and thanatos.

Milagros Bello, Ph.D.


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