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Curators Voice
Curators Voice Art Projects
Dr. Milagros Bello
Director & Chief Curator
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Curators Voice        

Since I was a child the Art World was my place to be. During my childhood I tried to elude traditional games to create small ceramic works and during my adolescence I started the quest of a Master that guided me as well as the study of degrees that train me.

I obtained the International High-School Certificate in Arts and Art History in the University of Cambridge and my degree in Art History, in the University of Buenos Aires.  Ruben D’Ambrosio was my Master and I carried out several courses in Italy with the artists Carlos Carles and Carlos Gioletti.

As time went by, it became more clear to me that Art was not just a degree but my way of express myself, a choice for life.

In the course of that time I molded clay, made plaster casts passing them to resin and working with different fillers, and I decided to experiment to mix aluminum and transparent fillers, becoming  my current work; Resin Works with glass incrustations.


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