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Curators Voice
Curators Voice Art Projects
Dr. Milagros Bello
Director & Chief Curator
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alfredo esposito  

"Since I was a child, I have been seduced by image capturing. The visual world and its details have been my starting point. My work is the result of trying to represent different moments of life through figurative shapes up to contemporary geometric abstraction."

Since a child, educated in plastic arts and has had support from great teachers that have introduced him to forms and color. Migrated from figurative art to abstract geometric figures with which today he is developing mix-media pieces, incorporating different tri dimensional materials such as metals, wood, pvc and led lights, allowing him to create different pieces if huge visual impact. Today, devoted to geometric abstraction, he presents shows and expositions in many parts of the world, specially the US. With the intention of creating a strong and exciting atmosphere he is constantly pursuing the discovery of new materials, shapes and colors


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